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Georgia on my mind

For months prior to the election, I thought if only the minorities will just vote, we’ll be alright. You can’t just ignore demographics forever. The white majority has been barreling toward minority status for years—decades actually. Sooner or later, the new majority will make its presence felt. Things will change. Everybody, even white people, will start making decisions to help everyone. We’ll find a way to nurture self-interest and common interest toward the same vision and we’ll keep moving ahead indefinitely. But back to Georgia.

The results from across the country after November 3rd showed some promise, but there were enough Democrat losses (I was hoping, unrealistically as it turned out, for a strong backlash against the mighty McConnell and Graham.) that it looked like we’d taken a big step back after the giant step forward of 2018. At first, I was doubtful that the Georgia Democrats could pull off two wins, or even one. I’ve seen Georgia change dramatically as Northerners has migrated there in big numbers for tech and other corporate jobs. These and immigrant professionals and an included African-America community are creating a new demographic profile for the Peach State. It would be up to Georgia—deep-South Georgia—to show if minorities could be motivated to vote in large-enough numbers to take the Senate runoff elections, point the way to a re-alignment of American politics, and finally bring an end to the Civil War. Too hopeful?

In the end, it took not only the actual vote count, but also the dedication and integrity of Republican, formerly Trump-supporting, state and local officials and the commitment of Stacy Abrams and her team to make sure the election was carried off legitimately and the double Democratic victories secured. I nominate Ms Abrams for national “get out the vote” czarina. White supremacy is in its death throes, looking ahead desperately, knowing that its days are numbered. But this has been said before.






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