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Reading projects

Since I got our first Kindle seven or eight years ago (?) I have read much more than in the preceding 20 years. But I’ve never had reading projects per se until this year. Now, I’ve really gone overboard:


  • Read the Robert B. Parker Jesse Stone series. Six books read so far.
  • Read the Ruth Rendell Inspector Wexford series. Read four so far.
  • Read Charles Todd Inspector Rutledge series. Read nine so far.
  • Re-read the Aubrey-Maturin series. Five read so far.
  • Listen to The Destroyermen series. Have listened to all nine books. Waiting for #10.
  • Read about WWI on the 100th anniversary of its beginning. Reading book of primary sources, The WWI Reader. Listening to Catastrophe by Max Hastings. Have five+ others teed up.
  • Finish William Manchester The Last Lion. Done.
  • Read/Listen to other books:
  • Caesar and Christ, Will Durant. Audio.
  • Moby Dick. About 40% read.
  • Mole, Jo Nesbit. Leading Norwegian detective novelist.
  • A Higher Call, two WWII pilots re-unite.

I feel a lot more informed and well-rounded since starting to read more. And now that I’m reading about writing, it seems like everyone (Stephen King, Mary Carr, Ann Lamott, etc.) says the key to better writing is doing a lot of reading. I’m teaching courses on self-publishing and finding that the biggest problems would-be self-publishers have are all about writing. So, get the old Kindle out and get going!






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