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Last week was a brutal week for some of us. My prayer: Lord, let that have been the absolute high point of the Trump presidency. Rather than whining, I want to say, “take heart, and take note.”

Remember that in November 2018, voters (almost) everywhere gave us a Democratic House. Has Trump done anything since to reverse that trend or deplete that energy? I don’t think so. Even before the celebrating had played out over his very good week, he fired outspoken administration critics, publicly denounced the impeachment process as b******t, and diminished the National Prayer Breakfast by airing his soiled laundry. He won’t stop. He can’t stop. He will get worse. Take heart.

I’m figuring that his 49% approval rate shown by one poll last week was a sympathy vote. Poor baby. Approval will get back down where it belongs as soon as it can, I believe.

I’m also holding out hope that Mike Bloomberg will either get nominated by the Dems or will gift the country an anti-Trump ad campaign with a script by Martin Scorsese. That should scare us all straight.

So, do not fear. It will all turn out all right in the end. Women voters will not forget his many insults and abuses. Non-whites and voters from immigrant families with not forget his insults. We who respect and admire the military and other servant-leaders—the ones who really make America great—will not forget his dismissals, broken promises, and utter incompetence. On voting day, we’ll all come out in force and roundly thump Trump and his minions. Unless the minions and the Russian hackers invalidate our election process. Unless we get discouraged. Unless we forget about right and wrong. Things always work out, except when they don’t.