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I haven’t seen The Monuments Men movie yet, but I will. I did just see the feature on CBS Sunday Morning and have been following the various interviews with the movie’s stars on Letterman.

Several years ago, a rich Texan named Robert Edsel got interested and then got really interested in the story of the actual “Monuments Men” from World War II. His research and persistent efforts and cash have resulted in a book, a PBS documentary, and now the movie and all the attendant publicity for a story we’d never heard before about Americans at war. If there ever was a great example of why individual freedom must be the ultimate political and social  goal for civilization, this is it on a couple of levels. Both the story of the original Monuments Men mission and now, the story of how one person brought it back to life, should inspire us all to pride, but more important, to action to help preserve personal freedom wherever we find it under attack.

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